Joe offers workshops on several topics, which he gives at music camps, schools, studios, and festivals.

Recording Acoustic Instruments
Workshop on recording acoustic instruments and vocals in your home studio
My most-requested workshop helps non-professionals learn to make the most of their home recordings. I answer questions about recording and demonstrate with a Pro Tools mixing session on my laptop. More about my Home Recording Workshop >
American Fiddling Styles
Workshop by Joe Weed
I have been fiddling and traveling the US since the early 1970’s. I play and teach many regional American fiddling styles, and can craft a workshop to suit your event. More about my Fiddling Workshop >
Tune Writing
Workshop by Joe Weed
I help attendees identify the skills needed to write fiddle tunes and offer strategies for developing those skills. I have recorded three albums of original music, and have written dozens of additional pieces. Many of these are “fiddle tunes” that are played at dances and concerts. In my workshops, I love providing hands-on opportunities to help people discover the pleasure of writing their own tunes. Read More >
Meet the Film Maker
Workshop by Joe Weed
In 2011, I released a full-length documentary film, “The Waltz to Westphalia,” which tells how a bawdy Polish wedding song became a “traditional” American fiddle tune known by a German name. At our session, I show several chapters from the film and tell behind-the-scenes stories about the people and places I saw during my travels around Texas, New England, and the Midwest. I ask for input from the audience regarding composition, substance, and style, and happily answer questions about the story and the DVD production. Read More >

If you are interested in learning more, or speaking with Joe about planning a workshop for your event, please e-mail Joe at